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  1. No, what I want to know is does IG deduct any amount as tax from me on the income or profit of my trades for UK or Australia.
  2. I'm not from UK, I'm from Pakistan brings another question in my mind. Do you have any idea if international clients like me being from Pakistan are exempt or still subjected to tax on their earnings?
  3. I am new and confused with the way margin is being calculated on IG MT4. Can someone share the formula to calculate Margin. I have tried using the formula from your website however, I am not able to reach the amount as described below in the screenshot. Thank you.
  4. I have uploaded my documents a week ago. Today I can see the below message that we have verified your identity and address. However, I am still seeing the account status as Pending with the activate your account option. Please note I want to trade Forex Micro Lots through MT4 Platform so I am not sure if CFD was the option to select.
  5. Hi, I am new to IG, I want to know if I setup and OCO on MT4 Terminal using the IG Trade Terminal Do I have to keep the MT4 running or after setting the OCO I can close my computer and the OCO order will excecute automatically from IG servers even if my PC is shutdown?
  6. I have checked the margin formula for uk margin calculator however I am not able to arrive at the margin which was calculated in mt4 could you help me please? how we arrive at 0.65 Margin this is the only position open.
  7. I have gone through the complete video. Thankyou for replying however I am not able to see the margin required anywhere for individual positions before i open them. I am using IG trade terminal app addon as well but still same if you don't mind can you share a screen shot of how it shows. I don't know what I am missing. Also if you can share with me the formula through which margin is calculated. My Mt4 shows for gbp usd position on demo 0.01 lot size margin is 0.65 only which does not make sense since 0.01 is 1000 units which 2% margin should be $20.
  8. How can i check the margin required to open a Forex position for example eur/usd in MT4 before opening the position? Also, How can I see what is the margin used individually for open existing trades in MT4 in the terminal window it only shows the full margin used.
  9. Hi, I am also facing same issue let me know if they respond to you or open the account. I have submitted my docs yesterday lets see. My name Waqas by the way nice to meet u.
  10. i have replied to you as comments on your videos lemme know what you think i am also in the process of opening an account with ig but so far the only thing i notice is the customer service sucks no one approved my account until now...
  11. I am a new trader awaiting for my account to be approved submitted all documents. I am able to login to MT4 Demo but prices are not moving is there any problem. Someone let me know please. Thank you
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