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  1. No it hasn't changed that much, futures price on the front month contract is 26 today and IG is quoting 31. Massive price difference between the underlying and what IG is quoting.
  2. Hi pretty worrying site to see IG quoting 31 USDs a full 5 dollars over the futures market pricing?? Whats going on with the quote here? I have DMA access as I trade futures, how comes your quoting pricing way way way way above actual market, this has got to be near fraudulent?
  3. they wont post them as its probably how they are rapping client accounts. Imagine a market maker who gave you proper options analyses tools. The tax savings you garner trading spread betting accounts with market makers probably ends up in the brokers pocket.
  4. I also trade futures and have direct market access and the CL contract which is crude contract price is trading at 26 yet the IG price is trading at 31?? Anyone else seeing what I am seeing?
  5. Scary, broker with 0 access phone support for days, no responses from the office. If by the end of the week I don't hear anything I am going to move to CMC Markets.
  6. Yeah I also called the institutional desk, they said someone would call me back. Still nothing...
  7. I have called IG helpline support 3 days in a row, each time I have been on hold for over an hour then at some point the line just drops. So far, there has been no voice support available, I am about to move accounts if this doesn't get addressed, anyone with the same issue?
  8. Hi, Spread Charts - create and chart spreads of any asset on the platform. Ability to create spreads of two different assets and chart them (also weight the spread legs to get the correct ratio for the pair would be amazing), TradingView has this functionality. Much of a portfolio managers strategies are long short portfolios and the ability to chart the spread between to assets and lay indicators such as RSI on the spread would be very handy. - Be able to chart spreads of any and all assets offered - Be able to weight the legs of the spread to create neutral and correctly priced spreads - Add technical indicators to the spreads. Auto Spreader - (trade the synthetic spread between products). - Ability to create / trade synthetic spreads of two IG listed assets . - Ability to weight the legs of the spread and trade them as one position on a chart. - Place stops and take profit orders on the spreads. - If a stop is hit, executes a closing market order on both legs of the spread. Interactive Brokers includes this functionality, the ability to create spread combinations and then trade the spreads as one instrument with stops and technical indicators on the spread. TradingView has the ability to chart synthetic spreads and weight each leg correctly. This would be a major step up in the pro game and would set IG platform apart from everyone in terms of PRO level features.
  9. Damm, I wasn't logged in when posting this, if anyone is interested. I am the thread starter here :).