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  1. Hello charlotteig My account has been frozen. Can you please help out as I’m trying to call and no one is picking up on the help number for 1 hour plus and help desk is not responding. Your like the only person who helps out people that’s with IG thank you
  2. Hello I have transferred R10,000 to ig account I mistakenly forgot to put the reference of me. My ig account username is ********* and account ID is ***** But I’m sending ig help desk all proof of payments and a bank statement please if you could set up my bank account now and everything would be helpful. I don’t know why ig South Africa isn’t replying maybe is it because of the 21 day lock down could you please update me? Could please transfer the money to my account. Thank you
  3. Hello how long does it take verify my account and activate it. I have sent my ID to your docs.za@ig.com. My email is **********@gmail.com and my username is ********** can you please make my account live. Thank you
  4. My friend and I have trading trading account with IG but we both get two different spread prices and different buy and sell price on the same stock. Is that normal or cheating ?
  5. How long does it take for IG to review your documents and activate your account. Why do they never pick up their phone call sometimes I think should just go to their office with every query rather then calling them.
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