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  1. I don't seem to have received my daily statement today either. Must be due to the holiday perhaps?
  2. I think so - mine is doing the same. Very odd; it seems like some sort of glitch this evening, I've not seen this before. I panicked initially when I first logged in this evening!
  3. I saw the same on my account. I figured though it was me depositing GBP and purchasing USD names at a certain FX rate. If you make USD gains but the GBPUSD FX rate increases too that that will reduce the value of that USD gain in GBP. Thats how I explained my difference anyway - account value broken out on the daily statement too which may help. Tom
  4. Does opening a position with no stop or limit have a default maturity date? 3 months for example, or will it stay open until further margin is required or it is closed?
  5. Can anyone help me understand how the account value is calculated? For example on the below... I didn't pay £4,903.90 for the positions
  6. Hi I am new to my share dealing account and Im investing GBP. When I purchase "(all sessions)" shares are these always traded in USD? For example Facebook shares, are these always traded in USD regardless of the exchange they are traded on? Im conscious that my GBP returns from my USD shares will be affected by FX rates and with GBPUSD at an all time low its probably not an ideal moment to invest in USD denominated shares. Any help or thoughts on this appreciated! Is it best to stick to LSE shares if investing in GBP? Thanks Tom
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