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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new on this platform and on investing in general. I have tried some demo accounts on cfd's before but did not like as I did not understand it and neither took the time to understand but I thought that buying shares and holding on until they apreciate in value is not that hard. I have opened an ISA stocks and shares account about 3 days ago, I ve put some money and started to trade. I have opened 3 positions but I have noticed that even though I was in profit with something like 220 pounds overall on those positions the actual overall balance of the account was only about 60 pounds over what I have started with. I mean I was expecting that 3 trades times 10 pounds is 30 pounds plus the quarterly fee for using the platform about 26 pounds or so, and a total of 56 pounds out of the 220 which I was on plus would mean 164 pounds profit. When I'm on minus with the balance the minus is greater than the actual trading while when I'm on plus the actual plus is smaller than it should be. Can anyone explain why is it like that and what am I doing wrong? I just want to buy the shares pay some transactions fees and fees for the platform and then enjoy the rest. Are all the brokers like that? Thank you for reading and for your reply!
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