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  1. Hello friends, I tried to buy shares first time from ISA account and got a message - You cannot buy this type of share from this account. Company i was buying shares of was SOCGEN. I sent email to helpdesk. If you can help in the mean time please. What could be the reason? Thanks,
  2. Hello friends, What's the difference between these two Airbus shares ? Need to be careful when buying ? IS it same thing ? why with different countries? And one more question - cannot buy Air Canada shares in UK ? Thanks,
  3. Thank you very much! I just added ISA account. I had few more questions like I want Non-Leverage account to buy stocks for long term. Is this ISA account by default Non-Leveraged account ? or DOI have to talk to IG people for that ? Thanks again,
  4. Hello friends, I have my account with IG to trade forex and now I was looking to buy some shares (American). Should I add ISA account OR Share dealing account ? what's the difference. IG Support team left this company on its own, NO answer from them, email/phone. Thanks,
  5. Where is IG support ? NO email reply, NO phone answering. where to go? how to contact?
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