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  1. Hi KimT, I change few emails with few customer service operators, there was only one replay "we can see your position was closed using web mobile app" which I know, but I didn't close it !!. I agree they should compensate us, for me re open that lost position with the same start level will be enough, then I can deal with it and decide what I like to do.
  2. Hi Guys, thank you for all your comments, my situation happened while I was on mobile web application, is yours the some guys ? Maybe they have bug with it, and all our cases are proof for that, and maybe we will be able to get some compensation? I have 20 positions opened that day, and for some reason that one which had biggest lost at that minute was closed. This is so strange .....
  3. Hi to All I don't know if anybody had that experience in pass, but on my spread acc yesterday evening few minutes before 8pm one of my position been closed on big lost. I had enough deposit, there was no setting at all on that position for closing. Is there any explanation ?? I did email to IG customer help but no answer so far. How can I deal with it ? Regards
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