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  1. I have been searching everywhere on my account for a consolidated tax certificate. Despite going via Help chat and not getting an answer, I know I have had them for the last couple of years. I would have thought they would be under statements, in MY IG, but there is nothing there. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I've been using the smart portfolios for GIA and some ISA for over two years and have to say that compared to my funds held with HL and other using a wealth manager they have faired better before and post corona. I am thinking of moving money away from the Wealth Manager as roughly charges of 2% really don't seem worth it. They are very disparaging about smart portfolios! Any advice about the IG SIPP would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  3. I put funds into what i am sure what was a Smart Portfolio ISA, but the account says it is a 'normal' ISA. Being trying to get through on the phone for ever... Any advice welcome Thanks Alastair
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