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  1. I think this is because your account is 1 month old, I have had the same issue with my S&P 500 (US 500) £1 cash positions crossing from 0.5 contracts minimum to 2 contracts minimum - a quadrupling of price. I am on the phone at the moment and will ask if there is a way to get it back down. Markets are too volatile for me to want to quadruple my outlay at the moment.
  2. Hi guys, I wondered if someone could explain to me the 'opening' value for an Oil put? I bought a put yesterday for US crude when WTI was around $23 per barrel, strike 2000 (I am assuming this = $20) for May 2020. Now WTI is down to around $21.70 per barrel, and I have made a small amount of profit, but only £5. The opening price keeps moving on the positions tab - why is this? I bought 0.25 contracts which was $5 per point, and expected to be more than £5 in profit if oil has fallen by over $1 from $23 to mid $21. What am I not getting here? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I am new here. I wondered if anyone could explain the hours we can trade gold options to me? Is it the same hours as the LSE is open or what? Many thanks!
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