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  1. Hi, There are times when I try to place a trade on say the EUR/USD currency pair, when I press buy/sell, the trade does not execute and the terminal makes a strange noise. This has happened to me on numerous occasions, I have the fastest internet speed for my area and I'm even using MT4 VPS, which gives me 2.04 ms latency speed, which, from my research, should be pretty quick however I still get the same issue. It only happens sometimes however it is very frustrating as it stops me from executing my trades when I want and I end up missing out on opportunities. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks
  2. Hi All, I am a new to forex trading & have just setup a spread betting account. I would be most grateful for any useful tips to get me on my feet. I'd like to research the market, learn about currency pairs such as AUD/JPN, NZD/CHN as I trade in the evenings. I want to research the economy of those countries, GDP, inflation etc... all the things that affect the price of currency however I don't know where to start, any suggestions?
  3. Hi fellow traders, I'm new to trading, I have just recently opened an IG spread betting account and would just like to know how to change the currency trading lot size, I want to change it to a mini lot. Thanks Francis
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