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  1. You have to telephone for a guaranteed stop, fees are applicable. This service is available though over the phone.
  2. I asked this over the phone and it's a negative.. Actually I asked can I have a stop loss and a sell limit order on the same share and... nope. So I guess the same would apply with what you folks are asking. Apparently very few platforms allow this?
  3. You can transfer between accounts the cash only. So you have to sell and rebuy. The process takes a few days to clear the funds as apose to instantly within the same account. Each account has seperate annual fees. Any transfer in or out of an ISA account will affect that years ISA allowance so be careful.
  4. Question about my ISA account on IG, if I have more than one years ISA on IG is it seperated in the ISA account section? Or does each year of ISA open up a new account and therefore subsequent fees?The reason I ask is I'm transfering a previous years ISA to IG from Fidelity and the cash element has gone over into the ISA account (still waiting for the shares to come over). But there is no distinction it is a separate years ISA.It all just comes under the account ISA, even though there are now two separate years of ISA in there.. is this normal or a mistake they have made?Thanks and Happy New Y
  5. You can open both accounts under the same email but they will be seperate accounts with seperate unique identifier and therefore individual fees for both accounts.
  6. This was about 3 days for me as it needed to clear, as apose to immediately within the same account.
  7. 2 months later I am still waiting for my ISA transfer to complete - I kid you not, I have spent 10hrs on the phone and have sent 20 emails to both companies - be prepared to be dealing with two bickering children, not being able to communicate with either transfer department directly and not being able to trade on your ISA for at least 2 months.. I am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with how they have dealt with my ISA transfer. Which I am still waiting on.
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