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  1. Hello. Last few days I have been unable to place decimals when placing a trade on PRT ie. I can put £1 in but not £1.18 and i cant enter a position size under £1. This is only on PRT, no issues on IG. Anyone else have this problem or know how to sort it? Thanks
  2. Maybe this example will help show what i mean, many examples like this.
  3. Hi I have contacted PRT about this and they say it's an IG issue as they provide the data. Recently the opening gaps are showing as a solid candle rather than as a gap on all timeframes. Is this a just a technical issue? The gaps are showing as normal on IG charts. Thanks
  4. Great thanks very much for the replies, yes the chart was set to mid price and when i change it to the ask price it all makes sense.
  5. Hi, i placed a buy stop order on GBP/CHF on tuesday June 23rd at 10pm UK time, in the morning i noticed that my order had been taken and subsequently stopped out. Having looked further, i noticed that my order was taken at 11844.2 as i specified, but the highest price on the charts during the relevant period was 11842.5. How come my order was taken even though the price never actually hit the specified price? Thanks
  6. I have just placed an buy order and it was taken a few minutes later, but when i look at the chart the price hasn't got close to where my order was placed and i have a running loss on the trade. I am fairly new to this, am i missing something?
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