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  1. I don't understand how it can get to -£20,000 when I started with £10,000, all my shares have gone up in value so £12,000 looks right to me, I didn't get the -£20,000 because I don't understand how a share can get to a negative value, I thought £0 would be the lowest possible. I don't understand how this thing works, I just thought I was buying normal shares. It is a spread bet account.
  2. I am using a practice account and not actually investing any money. It says profit loss -£20,000, margin £12,000, available -£22,000. If I had a live account with real money would this mean that I would be over £10,000 in debt to IG? This is the main reason I don't want to use real money. I don't mind investing £1000 and losing all of it, but I don't want to be in debt on top of that.
  3. But apart from the emotions, all the fees that I would have to pay are included in the simulation. Like I'm not going to sign up and find out that I am paying £30 a trade or something and losing money that I wasn't losing in the simulation because it wasn't charged in the simulation?
  4. How different is trading for real vs simulated trading. In the last month if I had been using real money and doing real trades would I have made/lost exactly the same money, or close to it that I have in the last month on the simulator?
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