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    Long term fees

    Plus , it’s 10£ each trade if I do 1-2 trade every 3 months ? for cfd , ig looks perfect but for long investment, I am not sure 🤔 some opinions
  2. Hello can you help me for two things that I don’t understand: when they take overnight fees , it can be for no limit of time ? Moreover, in their example, they say 3,65£ overnight, does It mean that it’s per night ? i do not understand about the fees for long term if they take 24£ per quarter ? If I want to hold a position for 10 years but I do not trade for 2months , I will have to pay 72£per Year just to hold my trade ? So 720£ for 10 years whereas at DEGIRO they are no fees of holding? is that correct or not? sorry , I want to be sure before to put 10000
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