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  1. The foreign currency spread is too much on the automatic conversion, so I pay the manual 15 dollar commission but I'm not sure this is more economical, especially when wanting to build a position. I'm moving my cash into another brokerage for this reason. I can apparently convert my dollars manually from USD to GBP, within my account, so I can do this at a time when the exchange rate is more in my favour, before I withdraw. Is this easy to do does anybody know and are there extra charges? The other options is reverting my settings back to manual conversion and the system will do it for me?
  2. Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to trade pre-market and after hours? I'm aware that only some stocks are all sessions, do I have to set something up for these and how do I trade the other stocks out of hours, would I have to have an account of a different tier with extra charges? Any info would be gratefully received, thanks.
  3. I'm getting a message saying I'm a new community member and my first post will be moderated. That's not the case as I have posted before! It's annoying as I just want a quick answer to a question!
  4. This was a nightmare, I had no way of selling my stock, aware that the price was plummeting, I just had to hope the technical issues would resolve themselves. I'm fairly new to trading and I did not consider this was a thing! I pray it doesn't happen often. The site doesn't make it easy for customers to contact them. I took screen shots of the messages but not sure what to do?
  5. I was unable to sell my stock for sometime this evening due to the technical issues:- 'Trading Issues Across Our Platforms' followed 'We are continuing to investigate this issue'. I lost a far greater amount, simply because I couldn't access my stock. What does one do in this situation and how can I prevent it from happening again? Not impressed!
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