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  1. Wow!! i'm going to do a 181 here. I have just spoken to a very nice chap called Thomas, who has explained in detail and has been very clear. The gent had time for me and my questions where all the other people i have spoken to have either been frustrated or not as knowledgeable about the IG platform. There are some great people there!
  2. This is ridiculous!!! 2 hours of calls to get through only for the line to be awful and be disconnected twice. I have called other people on both my mobile and its crystal clear. Losing the will to live with IG. think i'm going to close the account (if someone answers), and go elsewhere. Awful service, incorrect account accuracy, terrible operating standards.... I will lodge a complaint with the FCA, and write a review for trustpilot. Awful IG!! what is going on????
  3. I am trying to dump the Rights Issue shares, but for 2 days the option has been set at 'Call to close'. There is nothing i can do with this stock, all the while the price is dropping through the floor. Please can someone advise on whats going on here? Also the Accuracy of the IG Dashboard is all over the place. In my statement it says i'm up, and in the dashboard i am down by ££££'s. I have taken into account (at this point) market movement, but it just not equate. Please could someone advise Thanks
  4. yeah turns out to be negative! Hyve devalued the share price
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