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  1. Hi What would happen to a spread betting position on say the US30 (Dow Jones) futures and there was a geopolitical event like 9/11 where the stock market closed (I'm not sure if the futures market was closed too - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)). Would positions remain open (based on last trade price) or would they be closed by IG? I know each situation is unique, but it is important to understand what happened previously. Many thanks.
  2. Thank you Anda, i hope that changes, as that would be a game changer and I would certainly pump £50k+ cash in as a cash buffer for taking on bigger trades
  3. Thank you, I have read this but it does not mention whether you can increase the initial margin.
  4. I was wondering if IG would pay interest on excess cash held inside a spread betting account with interest rates now higher than where they were a few months ago.
  5. I want to open a share dealing account, hold shares and link that to my SB account so I can open positions using the collateral service. Say I own £10,000 of shares in my share dealing account and the SB has an initial margin of 5%, is there a way to increase the initial margin to say 10% so that more of my share dealing account would be used up as collateral to open the position, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance margin required?
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