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  1. Hi all, I am a complete noob to IG and I have a question to which I am unable to find the answer. I hope someone can help me, please? My understanding is that after the 1st month of 3 transactions in a month at full price on IG, subsequent transactions are commission free for US based investments. This leads me to wonder, for my ISA, should I invest purely in US based stocks/ETFs and pay the fx rate and the 15% US government tax later or should I simply invest in U.K. based stocks/ETFs only and pay the £3 commission for each trade. It seems like if I go down the US route, I’ll be saving a bit on commission upfront, however the exchange rate and US withholding tax is very high and could come back to get me later, although this could be offset by the possible gains achieved in the markets. What do you do for your ISA investments? Do you go for U.K. based stocks only or go with US based investments and hope they go up to offset the exchange rate and taxes? All comments gratefully received! Thanks in advance for your help! Mark
  2. Hi, is the custody fee per account e.g. if I have an ISA and a trading account, will I be charged £24 per quarter for both accounts or £24 per account per quarter? If I make 3 trades in my ISA account per quarter, will the custody fee be waived if I make no trades at all in my regular trading account? Thanks in advance, Mark
  3. Hi, I'm new to IG and I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with, please. Is it possible to buy Investment Funds on IG.com? I can find ETFs and Shares, however when I look for funds such as Polar Capital Biotechnology, I'm unable to find any such fund. Can anyone help, please? Thanks in advance, Mark