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  1. Hi all, I am a complete noob to IG and I have a question to which I am unable to find the answer. I hope someone can help me, please? My understanding is that after the 1st month of 3 transactions in a month at full price on IG, subsequent transactions are commission free for US based investments. This leads me to wonder, for my ISA, should I invest purely in US based stocks/ETFs and pay the fx rate and the 15% US government tax later or should I simply invest in U.K. based stocks/ETFs only and pay the £3 commission for each trade. It seems like if I go down the US route, I’ll be sav
  2. Hi, is the custody fee per account e.g. if I have an ISA and a trading account, will I be charged £24 per quarter for both accounts or £24 per account per quarter? If I make 3 trades in my ISA account per quarter, will the custody fee be waived if I make no trades at all in my regular trading account? Thanks in advance, Mark
  3. Hi, I'm new to IG and I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with, please. Is it possible to buy Investment Funds on IG.com? I can find ETFs and Shares, however when I look for funds such as Polar Capital Biotechnology, I'm unable to find any such fund. Can anyone help, please? Thanks in advance, Mark
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