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  1. Thanks again. It makes it a problem for me so going to look at other options.
  2. Ok, thanks but dont these sell orders only last a day or few days so i would need to reset them regularly?
  3. Thanks for the reply. So I'm buying shares not spread betting. All the advice and books are telling me to put a stop limit on my share buying to make sure if my share tanks and I'm not around to see it or make the unwise decision to let it tank then a stop loss will activate and make sure I only lose the amount I set it to beforehand.
  4. I've just signed up, deposited money and was excited about my first trade. Then spent 38 mins and 2 secs waiting for someone to answer the phone with no success. No live chat available. The share price has already moved up two points in this time. I am trying to make my first share trade and as a newbie wanted someone to talk me through it. I just wanted to add a stop loss or trailing stop and can't find anywhere obvious to action it? Already very disappointed with the customer service of IG. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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