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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me WHEN IG altered their Spread bet margin levels on Wall Street as low as 0.20 p a point after they had increased the margin levels back in Feb 2019 during the new FSA regulation ESMA requirements .. What Month would this have been since ? I made another post in ref to this but also had come across this post.. thank you PJ
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum... but have some past as a client of IG over a few years on and off... but cannot not always recall certain details or I am not updated to certain changes that have occurred... and I would like to ask if anyone may be able to answer some questions in relation to trading Wall Street... If I recall... before 2019... when certain changes got made by the FSA and all Financial type trading services New ESMA margin rules... Prior to 2019 if I recall.... you could trade wall Street as low as either 1 GBP per point..for a margin of about 200 to 250 GBP or maybe even as low as 0.50 P a point for 100/ 125 GBP.. but when the changes got made... If I recall the new requirements were much higher (maybe 10 x or more ) and most average people could not afford to trade Indices.. and I still thought that this was the way things still were..But when I just took another look on the platform for Wall Street DFB market.. I can now see that you can trade it at as low as 0.20 GBP But the Margin is about 264 GBP (when the Dow as around the 26300 level ) I noted not long ago that you can trade wall Street daily / weekly or monthly options also in US $ dollars for as low as 0.65 C or about (UK GBP 0.50 P ) which means you can trade options at half the price they they used to allow when I think it was a Min of 1 GBP a point... I THOUGHT that therefore maybe I could also trade the US Indices / Wall Street in dollars similar to the option rates that may allow me to trade it at an even lower rate or margin requirement... and you can trade wall st in 4 different currencies with different MINIMUM stakes ... ie GBP (0.20) / US Dollar (0.26)/ AUS dollar (0.36)and Euros (0.25)... BUT to my surprise or annoyance... these other currencies require a HIGHER stake level.. and do NOT allow you to trade Wall Street cheaper.... and the other 3 optional currencies all require HIGHER margin levels... I believe you can trade some other form (is it MT4 Meta trader ) as low as 0.10p GBP but I am not really familiar with this.. does it require you use some special software.. and is that CFDs rather than spread bet.. CAN ANYONE TELL ME... WHEN DID IG Index ALTER the Minimum Stakes to 0.20 GBP to trade Wall Street DFB ? for spread betting and how has IG managed to do this and why ? or why could they not have done this at the time the initial changes took place ? Thank you P.J I dont know if you can find this link (need to join the https:// to the further link description to open the full page if you cannot click on and open the added details below) https:// community.ig.com/forums/topic/11399-minimum-position-size/ Hi, you can trade Wall street on the MT4 platform at the minimum 0.1 GBP/point. Changes to our margin rates and tiersWe regularly review our margin rates to ensure they accurately reflect current levels of market volatility and liquidity, as well as a number of other factors that can influence risk. We’ve conducted a review of our index, forex, commodity, interest rate and bond margins, to bring them in line with current market conditions. These changes will come into effect for both spread bets and CFDs on Saturday 16 February 2019