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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me WHEN IG altered their Spread bet margin levels on Wall Street as low as 0.20 p a point after they had increased the margin levels back in Feb 2019 during the new FSA regulation ESMA requirements .. What Month would this have been since ? I made another post in ref to this but also had come across this post.. thank you PJ
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum... but have some past as a client of IG over a few years on and off... but cannot not always recall certain details or I am not updated to certain changes that have occurred... and I would like to ask if anyone may be able to answer some questions in relation to trading Wall Street... If I recall... before 2019... when certain changes got made by the FSA and all Financial type trading services New ESMA margin rules... Prior to 2019 if I recall.... you could trade wall Street as low as either 1 GBP per point..for a margin of about 200 to 250 GBP
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