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  1. A really good post Cheers. I am kind of in a same boat. I was a pharmacist for 10 plus years and due to some clever backstabbing by my buisness partner I lost a lot of money and that made me kind of turned off from that profession for now. I used to day trade in my pharmacy school days and so when the country locked up due to Covid`0 I activated my old IB account and got into a free day trading chat room run by Really Good traders at Trade-Ideas. I would say that in the past 4 months i have learned a lot from those guys. learned to set scans pre market and aftermarket for early trades, momentum and Gap scanner set up for gapping stocks and stocks that are piercing thru the MA's and daily resistances. I am not too much of a chart indicators kind of guy i am ok with just having 9,20,50, 200 EMA and VWAP. It was my pleasure to read your post. I would suggest maybe taking out a small subscription to this servise called Trade-Ideas. It has helped me immensely. And I would love to share ideas with you and take your thoughts on things if that is ok with you. Cheers JB
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