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  1. I am perplexed by the charges IG seem to conjure. On one overnight trade I get a .70p interest charge....... and yet on another identical trade (i.e. Same quantity and just one overnight held position) I get a £9.87p interest charge. IG chat help just tells me overnight charges are not fixed charges (interesting use of words!). When pressed on this matter, the chat is cut off telling me "I am unable to provide you the information/assistance right now. However, I will get back to you with an email at the earliest". All I need is a clear and reasonable explanation. All answers gratefully received.
  2. I've only been trading a couple of years so still consider myself a newbie, But has ANYONE found a way of setting effective trailing stops in MT4 platform? I have tried a couple of downloaded EA's but they just don't work. Answers on a postcard!!!!
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