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  1. Nice analysis Rimmy, always good to get another point of view. Price dropped on the open so it's now an invalid trade for me as I have a strict set of rules I use to enter a trade. Mostly based on technicals with a pinch of fundamentals. Looking at todays volume I would say it has found support but really I need to see a few more days of price action to really see where it is going. I do find you fundamental analysis interesting. I do a very basic scan through financial reports but nothing as in depth as yourself. I notice you use Sharepad as well. Great bit of kit.
  2. So if we look back at my chart from the 11th April you will SMDS paid off nicely for us hitting both targets. Since then the company has moved into the FTSE 100 and has shown good growth over the last year. We have seen a small pull back to the 520 area after profits came in slightly lower than expected. Technically the RSI & STOCH are shown oversold. Volume is steady at over 4m. Looking at an entry above todays high. Stop at 500, TP 600. https://uk.tradingview.com/chart/SMDS/h897pUFZ-SMDS-LSE-DS-Smith-Buy-Again/ This is just my opinion of the company and not a trade recommen
  3. I'm not sure if I'm going blind or not but I can't seem to find share options on my platform. I can find them for indices, fired etc but none for shares. Where are they hiding???
  4. Hello, I use the sprint markets now and again alongside my traditional trading. From what I understand sprints will no longer be available to new clients. Does that mean they will soon cease with IG? It will be a shame to see them go, I don't use the other forms of binary or digital 100s so may have to move some of my account back to another broker. Thanks John
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