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  1. Hi all, thanks for joining the conversation. To mention a few as STAYC mentioned: Dusk (DSK) Megado (MEG) Aussie Broadband (ABB) - for a good while and then when I started talking to customer service the stock appeared a few days later? Stemcell United Limited (SCU) There have been many others just none come to mind. I was advised by customer service regarding the below but that was an additional $20 spent and made no difference. Have not heard back from Customer Service since then unfortunately requesting further information. It's a great platf
  2. Hi IG Community, any Aussie ASX traders / investors here? Wondering if it’s just me or does IG not cover all of the ASX stocks in particular small caps and the newer IPOs? I find it takes weeks to months to have them available on the platform where as the Banking platforms have them just sting you plenty for transaction fees! Any advice would be appreciated! thanks Nik
  3. Hi, fairly new to trading but wondering if anyone knows how to purchase shares prior to the IPO or is this not possible? much appreciated nik
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