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  1. hi, I have deposited 2900 in to my account, spent 2625 on shares and have spent 40 on commissions leaving it at 2585 and 275 in available funds. li had 10 lvgo shares which paid me 54.25 and 32.13 in dividend and client consideration then -1083.07 client consideration (from the merg of lvgo and tdoc ) and then got 4 tdoc shares in return. I originally brought 4 tdoc shares at 218/share then added another 5 at 171. With the 5 shares they give me this adds to 14 shares with an aveage price of 123.7436. what im confused abbout is that its saying i have a profit of 600 but with my 14 shares of tdoc and 5 shares of SLP (in a 20 profit) and my available funds of 275.24 gives me an accont value of 2445. How is this 600 profit when ive actually got 350 less then i invested???? this is very misleading and i am wondering where the other 350 has vanished but im in 600 profit? im new to using to investing in stocks but would be a massive help if someone could let me know how 350 disappeared and im now in an apparent 600 profit even though account value in lower then when i started? thanks
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