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  1. I appreciate this James, but can you please look at putting an indicator next to the market as I know I can look at the info section but this would make it a lot more simple and not have to keep going in to the market each time so see when you can buy. This goes for all cryptos.
  2. If you look more closely at the time frame you will see it stops at 22:00 and starts again at 08:00
  3. It closes Friday night I think around 10 ish GMT and opens again at 08:00 GMT Saturday morning.
  4. Hi James, Will it be a case of first come first served for new positions, or will you give all clients a chance to take positions, as the mentioned £250k is large amount and us smaller traders may not get a look in when the big fish dive in? Thanks Andy
  5. I wonder how long we will have to wait until this is available? Do we have a time frame IG? Thanks Andy
  6. Can someone please explain why these markets no longer show in the platform?? I have open positions but they have been removed from my watchlist and also in the popular markets page!!
  7. Hi IG, Litecoin has been coming soon for quite a while now! The suspense is killing me....when will be able to trade as it has recently had a nice correction so could be a good time to get in long term. Also as mentioned by others, have we got any update as to other cryptos being added to the roster in 2018? Thanks Andy
  8. Does anyone know if you can currently buy cryptos on here as don’t want to exit my current position to buy more with release capital and then be frozen out? Cheers
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