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  1. Hi Folks, Just wondering how I can get Williams Fractal indicator on my ProRealTime charts, I use 70tick charts and I have taken a look on the ProRealTime Library (just signed up to it 5 min ago) and when I click on the main post to copy the code and add this in on pro real time, "add new indicator, input code and add" it just adds a box along the bottom on the chart with nothing in it, as if it's trying to add like a MACD or RSI and not actually show anything on the chart itself (fractal arrows). Any help is much appreciated! Thanks,
  2. Hi Folks, Hopefully someone can help as my knowledge of coding when it comes to the IG ProRealTime Screener is very limited at the moment. I'm looking to create 2 scans with the below stats but not sure on how to code it. Scan 1 Share price between $5 and $35 only Volume over 700k Return all stocks that have gapped up between 2% and 25% Scan 2 Share price between $5 and $35 only Volume over 700k Return all stocks that have gapped down between 2% and 25% Thanks in advance for the help! Regards, Steve
  3. Hi Guys, I'm still getting this gateway error when trying to use live chat from multiple machines different locations so this must be related to my account if it's up and running for everyone else? Also are there specific nights that IG Pro Realtime get's updates or maintenance because I'm trying to run scans now which appear to be acting up. Edit - I just ran a very basic price scan to bring back all US stocks between $5 and $50, it brought back 18...... One of the stocks I am currently long on is $41 which is also not showing in the scan, I'm confused at this as I originally found this stock through the scan last week? When I scan UK shares it brings back over 800.... Thanks, Steve
  4. Hi I am using Chrome on 2 different machines at different locations (Home machine and tested from my works machine). I can try using the chat with firefox when I get home to test that out but just a bit strange that 2 different machines at different locations getting the timeout error for the chat. Regards, Steve
  5. Hi I've tried to access online chat from 2 different locations, my home and my work's machine, both return the below screen shot.
  6. Thanks for the links, will check them out for sure! Also side note, don't know if anyone has noticed but the live chat has not been working since yesterday. It just times out with a 'gateway timeout' error, everyone else getting this? Regards, Steve
  7. I've managed to find out the coding required to actually set a specific price range for shares in the scan, I would have expected something like this to be in the basic wizard set up especially when you compare this kind of market package with a free one like FinViz which does all the US stocks for free and a simple drop down menu with what price range you want to search for stock wise. I guess in the grand scheme of things 9euro isn't all that bad unless they start charging you for the full price saying your trading activity is not deemed enough even if it's above the 4 trade a month mark, then that becomes a problem. So all that's left from this conversation is how to code my MA's to show correctly, 10 day EMA, 20 Day EMA and 50 Day EMA, to only return stocks where the 10 day is below price first followed by the 20 then the 50 in that order to signal a strong up trend. Thanks,
  8. Hi Caseynotes I can see on the prices page of that site that you actually need to select the FTSE stocks cost an additional 9Euro, same goes for NYSE/SNP500 etc so there appears to be a lot of hidden costs, I at least expected the pro package to have the FTSE stocks as a bare minimum, bit disappointed with that considering other pro screening software that you pay for includes all this as it is after all a stock screening package? I will need to have a look to see if I can find how to add in specific share prices to scan so all the terrible 20p stocks don't fill up my scanner. Thanks for the link, if anyone else knows how to add in the price/sort EMA's let me know. Regards, Steve
  9. Hi Folks, I've just downloaded Pro Real Time so still getting the hang of things, couple of questions regarding this charting package though, hopefully you can help. I like the layout/feel of the whole thing, I mainly trade shares so UK shares being FTSE100/250 and I would like to also look at the S&P500 shares. My problem here is when I use the ProScreener to scan for stocks I cannot see any option to specifically select FTSE100 only or FTSE250, I can only see UK-Shares which doesn't appear to be FTSE stocks? Any ideas? Another part is I do not know how to add in the share price into the scanner so the scan only brings back stocks withing my price range, for example I want to specify only bring back stocks in this scan that have a share price between £8 - £50. The last thing is I have added 3 EMA's into my charts and as part of my scan, 10 day EMA, 20 Day EMA and the 50 Day EMA and I want to specify in my scan to only bring back stocks that are up trending, so the 10 day will be below price first, followed by the 20 then the 50 day last, I don't want to just run a scan and it brings back stocks with the 50 day ema showing above the 10 or 20 day ema, so in the correct order essentially is what I'm getting at. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
  10. Hi James, I've just downloaded ProRealTime myself, setting up a scan for the first time so bare with me on this one, couple of things below for you to answer if you don't mind. 1. How do I select the FTSE100 or 250 (specifically) as I only see UK - Shares (this brings up too much ***** shares which leads to my next question). 2. how do I add a price parameter in? i.e. only bring back shares between £10-£50? 3. I've added 3 EMA's and in the scan making sure they are greater than previous period of price, how do I get this to run so that it brings back stocks in a specific EMA order, for example a 10 day EMA/ 20 Day EMA and a 50 Day EMA but I want this to only bring back stocks where the 10 is top, 20 2nd and 50 last so it's not bringing back stocks with the 50 at the top etc? Thanks in advance! Steve
  11. Hi James, My apologies for such a late reply, didn't see your reply come through! Do you sub to investor chronicle? does it cost you? I tend not to sub or read any tips as I run through sectors/charts myself, they say hard work pays off so will let you know how it's going 1 year from now, hopefully great! I stumbled through this by going through UK stocks sector by sector, I know the gaming world well and I know with the Technology field booming that smaller companies like this will do well, this one in particular was under priced because it had a huge title released (Elite Dangerous) which was well received, was only a matter of time before another big title came along and the price rockets, and it did. I'm no longer in this trade but I will be keeping an eye on this one as the share price is expected to hit £16+ and with the earnings release I think they've smashed profits because they sold over 1 million units of another game they released not long ago. Do you know any really good stock screening sites such as Finviz? Finviz has all the US stocks in great detail but not so much the UK stocks, looking for one that's just as good as this one so I can zone in on specifics. Cheers, Steve
  12. Hi James, Thanks for your response, always appreciated! For this stock I decided to wait and patience paid off as the spread dropped massively for a short period and I got in cheap again for my second position, I guess I've answered my own question there with applying some patience and waiting for the right moment to get in. The stock I am long on is FDEV which is a games company that's doing extremely well at the moment. Another one I was thinking about going long on that appears to be doing very well recently is Microgen which is a software company. Regards, Steven
  13. Hi Folks, I'm fairly new to trading (5-6 months in) and I've managed to do quite well so far but I'm still learning everyday as I go, so i'll get right down to it. If you buy into any stock because you've done your research and think it's got great potential, at the time you buy in the spread you pay sits about 5-8 points. So you go long and then over the next week the stock has exploded to the upside jumping up 300 points within that week and still going strong, my main question here is that I want to add to my position to increase the profits as I think the the stock still has more to go but the spread is now sitting at a 30 point difference! So what would you guys recommend in this situation, If I even go £1 a point I'm instantly down £30 from a crazy 30 point spread.... Thanks, Steve
  14. Hi Folks, I'm new to this site and I'm looking to really check out the spread betting side of things. I have had plenty of exposure to the Forex market and I normally use Tradingview.com & FXCM broker. When I click on the charts here and you can select Daily, 4hr, 1hr etc it seems to only go back to start of this year? No chart data from the past years? is there an additional option I need to select to enable this? Thanks!
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