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  1. Hi, I made a fund deposit using my visa card. Usually deposit funds are available immediately. However, as of today (19/01/2021) my fund deposit is no where to be seen on my IG account? I have confirmed that the transaction was successfully carried out as the corresponding transaction is shown in from my bank account associated with the relevant visa card. I was looking to make a trade today with these funds. Have tried online chat for over 30mins with no response; and still on hold on a call for 23mins without answer? Can you please make contact to assist?
  2. Hi, Anyone managed to get an official answer on the trading of ARK type funds? i.e. ARKG. I had signed up for a share dealing accounts with IG on the understanding that ARK type funds could be bought. As the platform appears to show that ARKG funds can be traded, i'm having the same issues based on the following error: "This is a complex instrument and is currently not eligible to be traded on your account. Please call your normal dealing number for more information"
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