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  1. OK that's fine...


    For everyone's information ...... is there anywhere on the IG platform that we can check what the commission will be on any stocks we trade as this is the largest commission I have ever seen on the platform. In and out of this particular stock is $334 where as your Australian commissions in and out are $16. The U.S. is around $42.

    It would seem from my experience that the Canadian market commissions are incredibly high.


    Thanks again for all your help in answering my queries.

    I do appreciate it.



  2. Hey Guys and Gals,


    hope all is good with you...


    Just wondering about this stock being available to trade on my CFD portfolio but not my Share portfolio.

    I must be doing something wrong. Could you guide me through it.

    When I try and get the stock up through "FINDER" ... I can't see it on the shares port but can on the CFD port.

    Sprott Inc  (sii)


    As always thanks for your help