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  1. Thanks for proving my last point so well.......
  2. No surprise again. Aren't you supposed to be a helpful and professional resource to assist customer? Wouldn't that be a refreshing idea? No sign of 'let's see where the issue is, what have you been doing, let's help you better understand'. Just the usual unhelpful, aggressive, defensive, bullying, insulting, condescending, unprofessional responses as I've seen from you across many threads.
  3. Are you for real? If that were the case and it was for internal purposes then customers wouldn't get access to it, that's a naive or misleading statement. The purpose of a demo account is to draw customers in, a marketing tool, to let them try without and skin in the game. IG are a multi-million pound, commercial organisation, customers are their lifeblood, their revenue stream, they need new customers every day to survive. The vast majority of customers join via a demo account before upgrading to a live account, that is reality and fact. But when they upgrade to a live platform, and then the
  4. Thanks. But the point stands. It is fundamentally wrong and dishonest. What is the point of a demo account if not to mimic exactly what happens with a live account at the real market? The entire concept of demo is to ease customs in and upgrade then to a live account and deposit their money, Romney which will disappear quickly based on the non-transparency of IG. It gives customers a false, inaccurate and misleading view of the platform, the market, their skill and of the broker. Nothing will change, but it stinks to high heaven....
  5. You're pretty sure? Really, where, show me then. If it is it is buried away in some small level of legal print. It is not made clear and transparent at the outset. Big, important legal messaging like the standard disclaimer stating '76% of traders lose money' appears on the homepage and clearly thereafter. Nowhere does it say 'a demo account for fun which differs hugely from the live account you might open'. Being successful in demo encourages customers to think they will be successful live, and that is the ultimate driver for customers, being successful and earning real money.
  6. This is the 3rd time I've posted on this issue and none of the previous posts has made it to the IG Forum, so I'm having another go. Clearly IG don't want this point made.I have traded currencies on a live account with Oanda for a decade so I know the ropes. I recently opened a demo account with IG in order to test the site and with a view to depositing over £10K to trade US stocks. The trading strategy worked well, very well, so I deposited a few thousand to get me going. I used the same strategy in exactly the same way, but got very different results on the live platform. I soon realized tha
  7. I've been on hold for over an hour this morning, waiting for support, but nothing so I hung up. No chat facility. Two trades not triggered, probably another 3 or 4 over the last fortnight. But can't get through to anyone. Hold doesn't even give you an estimated waiting time. Anyone else experiencing same c**p service? Recommendations for other spread brokers please....
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