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  1. the time frame doesn't necessarily make any difference, but there is a fix for it...
  2. @JamesIG Hello James l have the same problem, it is very frustrating, can l suggest an update so that the line stays horizontal while pressing Shift or Ctrl at the same time... please fix @MaxJ l use Shift and scroll on my mouse to stretch the chart then l can get an accurate horizontal level on my point to point. PS scroll more to check it... @Caseynotes
  3. ...just when l was getting my game together! oh well as Jesse Livermore says: "There is nothing new on Wall Street or in stock speculation. What has happened in the past will happen again, and again, and again. This is because human nature does not change, and it is human emotion, solidly build into human nature, that always gets in the way of human intelligence. Of this I am sure." l feel l have seen it all before, 100 years before, there has always been leverage and there always will be... l am looking forward to the European Bureaucrats to push off now... if you google why ,'why businesses fail' Fobes claim 8 out 10 businesses fail in their first 18 months, and google 'how many businesses survive after 10 years' then inc claims 96% fail... it seems the bureaucrats don't live in the real world with their college education and there cosy jobs... how many domestic industries can the European's wreck... ...note to self, l really shouldn't have an opinion...
  4. Hello James, why would you be applying ruling changes prior to the hard cut off date when there has been such an over whelming response of rejection by your customers and the ig community?
  5. Hello can you explain this discrepancy? These two charts are of BT.a shows misleading values for volume, the first is the current bar and a misleading value, but refreshing the chart shows a brief picture of the true value before reverting to the misleading value. These pictures are difficult to capture and have both been taken at the same time today Sunday. I have tried to draw your attention to this before, it happens on desktop as well as mobile version, and on the old app format, it also happens on every instrument and on every timeframe. Please can you investigate? This is the default chart showing a low misleading volume bar taken on a closed bar on Sunday: This is is a refreshed chart which shows these values in a blink of an eye before reverting to the misleading value also taken on a Sunday on a closed bar: Many thanks Ben
  6. Thanks for your reply , one thing l have been more aware of in the last couple of days is the accuracy of selecting drawn lines. l have notices that selecting a drawn line the pointer has got quite a high region to select the line, please see screenshot, and this can be problematic when horizontal line cross trend line and could be part of the reason fib tables are prone to move. Best regards Ben
  7. Hello You replied to me about 'delete all drawings' option on the new platform sol thought l would put your name at the top of a few other suggestion: ..l had the same as suggestion about locking Fibonacci drawing so they cannot move on the charts. ..The last bar on volume will flash a true value and then revert to a lower misleading amount when switching time frames, could you investigate this for me please. ..l would like to be able to draw on volume indicator, this would be very helpful to me. ..l also like to see a tick box on Positions when closing certain positions they could be closed at the same time, especially under one instrument where l might have a few one directional positions and l can close out my losers instead of netting off. Many thanks, the new platform from my point of view has been a great success. Benji
  8. reply in: 'Give you feedback on IG's new web trading platform'
  9. .. great to see the new platform and changes/improvements being implemented quickly by the IG team... l would like to see a 'delete all drawings' as an option in the 'Drawings' option... Delete all drawing is also missing in the IG app version...
  10. Hello  and  l have recently re-initiated PRT looking forward to see the Volume indicator but was disappoint not to see it there...? Another dislike with PRT with the size of lists being very small and l couldn't compare all the stock l wanted with each other.. also the available pre-selected lists, ie 'UK Top 100 A-I', 'UK Top 100 J-Z' etc... these two issues are interrelated, for the UK lists there are just the example ones l mentioned in two different 'UK Top 100' lists... there are plenty of instruments in lists that have very little relevance to me, 'Belgium', 'France', but what l need is a full list in one list for UK stocks, UK100, UK250 etc, l did start putting together my own UK250 List but it would have been in several Lists and no good as l couldn't compare them as well as spending a lot of time inputting this basic data.. I do use http://shareprices.com/ and l can look at http://shareprices.com/ftse250 for example and rearrange the stocks increasing/decreasing order of Price, Change % and Day's Volume which l am particularly interested in, this data is what l would like to see on IG and PRT so can look at the charts of these companies very quickly, l feel IG is particularly weak in this area... Many thanks with all your efforts so far coolebenji
  11. Hello Tim, Thank you for your reply. l have had a couple of thoughts on this and l don't know how praticle it could be: End of day volume data could be a good start and would be something l would be enormously interested in seeing on the IG/PRT plateform, it would mean we could at least have daily data to analyse without added increase in data in a live feed to you. I am speculating now, how far could the possibilities be pushed, by having end of period volume data for periods of 5 min increments would see a dramatic reduction in data being sent? l don't know if CFD have live volume data but all things being relative could SB not use this volume data? Love to hear anything you have to say on the matter.. Best regards Benji
  12. Hello Ig, Volume has now been added to ig charts but how long do you expect to be added to PRT? l spoke to someone on the phone and they said you were working on it. l did sign up to PRT on SB but didn't keep it active as l was especially after the volume indicator which l can get on the free end of day PRT. Many thanks Benji