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  1. Hi, Why do we not see updates happen regularily and in time with market moves..? Am I looking at the wrong information in relation to market updates, As of 14:00 AEST I still do not see any news updates for Aus 200 at all. If IG is not updating, where can I find the best updates..?
  2. I find IG has really poor news updates, does anytone agree and if so what market updates do they find most useable.
  3. Hi All, Looking to see where I would find the best up to date market updates and notifications of trends coming thoguht. IG News is a little delayed, so wanting to see how to get it before market reacts..!!
  4. ok so rather than bots, does IG do anything like eToro and let you copy/follow traders..?
  5. Has anyone got a way to understand the movements of a market before it opens.? Have been wanting to nut this out for a long time and still a guessing match for me, trying to understand the AUS200 futures to build on, would anyone have good reccomendatios to share..? thx..! ****
  6. question to all from a new trader how do I setup a trailing stop that cuts to ensure you keep some profits..? Ie, I sleep during most UK and US trade for work, live in AUS and would have enjoyed the dip from last night but cut off before the big dip. Is there a simple step by step to set the trailing stop..?
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