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  1. Hi, thank you for getting back to me. As far as I can find online the MT4 platform has to be in UK time. Unlike the IG platform which is local Melbourne time for me. I could be completely wrong on this. Although Melbourne time would be easier for me the main issue is just knowing exactly what the correct time I'm looking at is. As the two don't correlate I'm now unsure if the 5pm candle in Melbourne is the 8 or 9 am candle in the UK. This is especially the case when I go back in history further than the IG platform data as I have no other source to compare timings. I imagine there must be an exact formula to work out which is the correct candle but without having more data to look at and compare times I can't figure a way to do it.
  2. Hi, hoping someone can help to clarify something for me. I've just started using MT4 and am trying to manually backtest a strategy. The strategy is time of day specific and I have noticed that the timing of candles on the chart differs from the timing on my IG Platform. I am in Australia so both accounts have different time zones however after doing the calculation they don't cross over correctly for the entire year. For example on todays date 5pm Aus correlates to 8am Uk, which is what world clock says is correct. However even after I do the daylight savings conversion any time before March 30th is still one hour out. Can somebody please confirm the system that is used for timing on the MT4 platform. Does it not change with UK time during the daylight saving clock changes? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks!
  3. Hi, hoping someone can help me with a quick question. I'm using the IG platform and trying to set stops based on a specific price point, rather than points away. I'm pretty sure I've seen it on the platform somewhere but can't find the option now. I know once I place the deal I can then change it on the chart window but trying to do it from the opening if possible. I've had a look around and can't seem to find the answer online so sorry if this has been answered already. Thanks!
  4. This may be a really stupid question.. When shorting would my limit be hit at the bid price and stop hit at ask price? Vice versa for long positions. Or is it when shorting, both my stop and limit will be hit at ask price and long positions would both be hit at bid price? Thanks!
  5. Sweet I didn't know mt4 was better for backtesting. I'm gonna give that a shot. Thanks
  6. Yeah that makes sense. I'm gonna look up the average true range and go from there. Thanks
  7. I'm trying to work out the best way to do this. Do I need to keep toggling between the bid/ask price view as I'm backtesting to see where my buy in, stop loss and limits would be hit. Or is there another way to factor it in? I'm guessing as it keeps changing I can't just add/subtract a certain amount of pips. Thanks
  8. Looks like I have more homework to do haha Thanks for the help guys!
  9. **** I see that now, thanks for pointing it out. Is there any way I can try to factor this in? For example when back testing do you use the ask/bid price rather than the mid? Thanks
  10. Yes GBP/USD. Opened today at 26 Mar 2021 17:21:21 Australia Eastern Daylight time. Closed at 26 Mar 2021 18:00:02
  11. I just noticed price did spike to 1.37621 but still nowhere near my stop loss and literally just above my opening price.
  12. My trades keep closing way before my stop loss and I can't seem to figure out why. I'm aware of slippage and spreads but some of them still don't make sense. Today I set a an order to sell at 1.37611 with a stop loss at 1.3766 and limit of 13749. The price filled my order and then moved down towards limit, came back up to 1.37607 where it apparently hit my stop loss and closed the trade. Price then went down far below my limit so should have been a good trade. Basically my trade closed while it was in profit, saying it was at the stop loss. Please can somebody help is there any way I can change the settings to make the trades more accurate as I can't seem to get the system to work, even close, to correctly. Thanks
  13. Hi, this morning my charts haven't started running again after the weekend. The Aus200 has been open for 4 hours and my order has gone through however the chart still shows Saturday. Same with Aus/Nzd which usually would be open now. I've tried different browser, clear cache, etc. Any ideas? Thanks
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