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  1. No response from IG on this - have I posted in the wrong place, or is my post still pending moderator approval? It's difficult to tell.
  2. Is it possible to specify the date format used in MyIG? I have not been able to find a setting to control this. Currently, if I look at MyIG > Statements, they appear to be listed in AU date format: dd/mm/yyyy If I look at MyIG > Hstory > Transactions, thay are in a slightly different AU format: d/m/yy If I look at MyIG > History > Proft/Loss Breakdown, they are in a US format: m/dd/yyyy I am in Australia, and the US format can be extremely confusing, especially when used alongside the AU format in the same platform! I really think IG should be using the ISO8601 international date format, which is unambiguous with regard to the day and month. Or allow the user to select their preferred date format and then use this consistently across all areas of the website & trading platform. Or have I just not found the user setting to control this yet? Thanks, Kevin.
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