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  1. Hi, today, my friend who I referred back in January finally got an phone call from IG customer service, and her application was refused based on she didn't have enough saving. She told me she answered she had 22K AUD in saving and prepare to submit a statement, but the CS said no need, we couldn't approve because it's too little and refused to elaborate further. Try again next month, maybe rule changed. It happened that she's my 5th referral and IG just sent an email yesterday saying that the referral program is ending 29th March. Maybe just coincident but whatever. Very disappointed, as we did all the correct thing only for IG to cite obscure rule trying to avoid paying the bonus they promised themselves. Other forum is saying that people should have 5K (in euro or pound), which is way less than 22K AUD, and IG Australia itself is saying there's no minimum required. What to do? It's of course within IG right to refuse any client, but this is just unfair.
  2. The criteria is unclear. The one I referred today got refused because she only has 22K AUD in saving. And the CS refused to tell her how much is the minimum. Seriously how much more you need to open an account? This is just a strategy to avoid paying referral that ending this month or what?
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