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  1. Hi Charlotte, Thank you for the help! By 'in flight' do you mean in process of transfering. So I have requested to transfer my ISA to ig last week? So I can use the remaining balance now, right? Thanks!
  2. Hi there! I'm currently waiting to transfer my stock&shares ISA to IG. Transfer Do I have to wait for it to complete to invest here? I opened other ISA in June 2020. Haven't fully used the £20,000 limit. So can I invest the remainder while I wait or do I have to wait for transfer to complete? As maybe it'll count as opening two ISAs in a tax year?? IG Fees When do they start? Currently have 0 balance and waiting for transfer. Would I be charged? When does each quarter start? is it Jan-Marc, Apr-June, etc? or varies depending on when i start/transfer complete.
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