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  1. Hi Arvin, Even if I select order expiry is "good till cancelled" and it partially filled 1 out of 500 shares you charge commission and every time it partially fill you charge £3 or £8 commission? Your advise is incorrect and deliberately misleading. I can send you screenshots of those 2 separate charges even if I select "good till cancelled".
  2. Chart between 14 Feb 2022 and 17 Feb 2022 is missing completely. Thank you JPN
  3. Still issues with charts. Unable to see the charts. Data missing
  4. Just a lame brokerage service. People on the phone doesn't seems to care. Shame on IG.
  5. I would like to make a limit order on this. can you please give me an ETA for this share? JPN
  6. IG.com is pretty lazy in that regards. They do not want to make this extra effort to provide option to their client and offer dividend script. Pathetic platform. Shameful customer service.
  7. I fail to understand why IG can not automatically add stamp duty and dealing commission in to the book cost? All the stock brokers has this system. This gives wrong profit calculation for high frequency trading. Every time you have to change it manually when you buy stocks. Pathetically poor service/system. Please update this feature asap. Otherwise lot of people will be loosing money without knowing and someone with law background will start litigation.
  8. I am unable to create a limit order more than a day. please advice.
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