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  1. I tried in demo account to place trade on CFD share. After stock split, the price went high and I profited. In real account I tried the same but didn't get profit and price is reopened at adjusted level as new trade when market is closed by IG staff. why there is much difference in trading between demo and real. people use demo and think real account will be same but its not. I feel cheated when using real account after demo account and I hope to get refund for my commissions alone (22£)
  2. How can IG close and open new position without my consent for CFD? if new share certificates were issued then it affects non leveraged shares... logically it should have no effect on CFD which is speculation only based on price.
  3. @CharlotteIGCan you help me? in CFD we see only price difference based on chart right? no underlying shares are owned? can you help me ?
  4. I brought CFD shares at Vestas wind systems in a sell mode. The opening price was 1328 something and next day the price of one share dropped to 278 approx due to stock split. So according to leveraged CFD product, I should be paid difference in price. But IG broker closed my position and opened new position at new price. This might happen for underlying shares but why its happening to CFD when I am leveraging it and dont own underlying asset? Also, price difference is between buyer and seller right?
  5. Hi @CharlotteIG Please can you add japan shares cfd, australia shaee cfd and hongkong shares cfd in spread betting account? They have good valatility and market cap. Thanks very much
  6. why I cant buy some CFD or spread betting share but I am able to go only short? is it liquidity problem?
  7. why some stocks are not available on CFD account but they are available on spread betting account?
  8. when I place trade in demo, it says limit level too far away from price what is the max limit level I can set?
  9. One share is going to under go split of 2:1 and I have it as CFD in demo account .. what will happen to my position if I am long? will I lose 100% all of sudden?
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