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  1. Extremely well explained and must admit to falling foul of using pre-data to place a trade when first started out. I now use two very simple systems. 1. Never buck the trend. 2. Use multiple charts Ie; 5, 15, 30 and one hour charts with a fifth 1 minute chart. If its a 10 minute trade, then all last candles should be the same colour, and use the 1 minute candles to decide optimum time to enter the trade. As for signals, Ive found the tried and tested Bollinger and Stoch are excellent cooperating ones. Its true that not so many opportunities present themselves this way, but when they do, th
  2. Firstly it depends what time frame your looking to trade in Secondly you should analyse more than one time frame. For instance, if trading over say a 15 minute frame, I would have an mt4 profile window with four main charts. A 5 m ,15 m, 30 m and hour chart, with a smaller 1 m chart overplayed centre. I will only trade when ALL last candles on each chart (except the 1 m chart) are same colour. This gives a far better win percentage. The 1 m chart is used to look for the ideal entry point. We also use Stoch, MACD and Bolinger as corroborating indicators. Oh, and always watch out for 'hea
  3. At least you were able to download it. Where did you find the link? Been all over the site seen all the mentions of MT4 but not one single working download link
  4. Totally agree Heikin Ashi is an extremely useful tool and the reason we do most of our trades on another platform as completely resent having to pay the 'pro' fee when this and many extra features are offered for free by most other reputable platforms. After all, IG is already making a hansom profit from everyone. While I admit its a reliable platform, its still years behind in comparison to that on offer by equally professional platforms.
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