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Can't work this IG out. 

I've waited for what I thought was the perfect moment (as you do) and having a stupid amount in my SB account to cover margins have been told by the system that I can't make a £1.50 per point bet on brent with a 150 point stop because of the volatility of the market???

Why on earth do they think we use their system to trade and not buy premium bonds??? Its because we enjoy the risk.

Grow up IG if we've got the margin let us trade when we want to not when you say so and please answer the phone too.

made this message out of frustration as not only can't i trade  i also physically can not get you to answer your **** phones.

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The issue is ' Net off' it will automatically cancel/close existing position if other positions are  opened  in opposite direction. To open long and short you need to select ' Force Open'. IG did explain this in guidance somewhere. Youc an google 'net off vs force open' .    Hope it helps  

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