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Why can't I place a trade? And Technical Problems....



Today (30/05/2020) around 1am (SGT), I want to enter trade to "Long" Oil-US Crude (SD1). However, the trading platform state that I can't enter the trade because my Guarantee Stop Loss was too close to trading price. Earlier on in the day, the trading platform was working fine, but suddenly went crazy, and this is not the first time. I tried adjusting the Stop loss to the stated amount, closed the browser, and even restart my computer/browser, but still can't enter the trade. After trying for around 10 to 20 times but I still can't enter the trade. I am frustrated noticing that only in the night, the platform start to behave strangely. For the past few weeks I had been experiencing the trading platform hang; can't enter the trading website/platform; can't enter or close trades; and even the trading platform start to flickers on my screen, where other websites are perfectly fine. I am not very happy with the trading experience, as I had lost money and missed opportunities in my trade. Please kindly look into it.......

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