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book cost fluctuation ????

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New here as taking my first steps in share dealing, I am confused by the accounts figures, book cost is constantly changing , I buy only US stocks, I have taken off the commission charges for my stock buys but now my profit and book price do not add up to the amount less charges I initially put in . its about £600 less.

why is the book price constantly fluctuating and not fixed as per my buying price and why is it less than it should be ?

Am I missing something  any Ideas guys are there added charges I am not aware of ?


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At a guess, it's because the base currency of the stock is different to the base currency of your account and so it is being affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Saying that, I don't know for sure so it might be worth contacting the helpdesk to confirm the reason for the variance.

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Seems IG takes 0.5% profit at sell and buy time and exchange rate fluctuates at sell and buy times too. I don't know if IG allow to keep your fund in USD , trade in USD and keep profit in USD at convert at your discretion to avoid losing at each trade.  My current understanding is , if we make 5% profit on a trade and USD/GBP fluctuate in your benefit by 1% you almost make 5% profit , since 1% IG conversion rate is covered but if exchange rate fluctuates against your benefit by 4% , your 5% profit is gone through 1% IG and 4% FX rate. IF you find out how to set multi currency , please let us know. 

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