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Closing Deals Only

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I found this wrong message when I want to buy some of the Shares. Closing Deals Only!! And the description is "You can only place an order to close the deal in this market". However, it doesn't matter how much you offer even if you want to buy 10% higher it will not work and get same message. It means that you couldn't buy some of the Shares in IG platform and just confuse us by wrong messaging instead of simply tell this Share is not available ! 

It is asking for further help please call Help desk that never works. I wait 2 days at least 30 min. and listen repeated voice ….. and nobody pick the phone and help you.


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It's pretty bad, from what I've worked out it's basically all the top gainers, ie all the stocks you would want to trade and I think it's because IG act slightly differently in that any gain from traders comes out of their pockets so they're trying to protect themselves against any large gains you might have from volatile stocks. 

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What I don't understand on the SB platform is that you get the same message, but there are prices quoted for various futures contracts. I suspect but I maybe wrong that these are reserved for professional clients

I agree that its very frustrating trying to get through to ask the question and I have not seen anything in their training documentation / courses with the meaning of this

Surely the big advantage of SB is the lack of capital gains tax, and yet you are limited with what you can trade on

Very poor in my opinion 

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