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Quick commission question

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Hey, I just signed up today. Just 2 quick questions:
1. Are you refunded the £20 for the first two US trades in the first month if you make at least 3 trades? Or do you just have to stomach that in the first month?
2. Hypothetically, you can keep the trades free by just doing 3 £1 US trades a month right?

Thank you. 

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1) No you are not refunded, you pay commission for the first 3 trades, after that you do not. Understand that when you say "US Trades" you mean buying and then selling shares via share dealing account, not spreadbet/CFD.

2) Not quite. You cannot open three trades at £1 per trade unless the stock you are buying is at 1£ or less. 


Are you refunded the £20 for the first two US trades

It's 30£ not 20£. 10£ commission each trade.

Good luck

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