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Hi all, 

I have tried to buy ARK Web x.o ETF (ARKW) on Share dealing account, however not successful due to 'This is a complex instrument and is currently not eligible to be traded on your account' - Can someone please explain me why?

I have managed to buy other ARK ETFs (ARKK, ARKF, ARKG).


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I have a similar question. Trying to buy 'ARK Genomic Revolution' and it says, and has said for days 'Closing only: Market unavailable to open'. This is spread bet account, not share dealing.  Anyone got any ideas why?

I tried IG customer support, but no answer, as seems increasingly common.

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Hurray! I was able to get telephone support after four unsuccessful attempts spread over two days. And the good news is that they do offer ARK ETFs, however only into a share dealing account, the one that is taxable. These ARK ETFs are not allowed for holding in an ISA account due to some UK regulation.  

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Anyone managed to get an official answer on the trading of ARK type funds? i.e. ARKG. I had signed up for a share dealing accounts with IG on the understanding that ARK type funds could be bought.

As the platform appears to show that ARKG funds can be traded, i'm having the same issues based on the following error:

"This is a complex instrument and is currently not eligible to be traded on your account. 
Please call your normal dealing number for more information"


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Hi, I was able to buy ARKK last year but not able to since this year started.

I am wondering if it could be related to Brexit, how UCITS certified ETFs are dealt by UK funds.

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