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Hello guys. Does anyone know how long it takes to get verified? I've submitted all documents but it seems to be taking longer than indicated on the site. I'm currently on  another platform and wondering if I should withdraw and wait or keep my funds there until IG approves my account. If it takes longer than a week then I think I will lose lots of investment opportunities. Thanks

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Put 'verification' in the forum search box and it will probably give you a multitude of threads that will give an indication. I suspect a week will be highly optimistic. IG's customer service since lockdown seems to be slightly left of woeful - with the reported surge in accounts you might have thought they'd have invested a bit more into it.

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    • Hi @JRF567, Unfortunately, we do not have an update on this yet. We will provide one once we have received feedback from the product team on the latest developments. Thanks, KoketsoIG
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