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Market not available online...



Hi all,

 I see this has been an issue with other people but I had this yesterday - I had a number of US shares I wanted to buy using a Stop order and I got the 'Market not available online' message. I tried it with both NASDAQ and S&P500, both of which had hours to run, and it's happening again today with Rio Tinto on the FTSE (at 08.34).

 Any advice would be much appreciated.


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i had similar problems today 3sep2020 3pm and 11-1am uk time, and previously

all stop orders were rejected, market orders were rejected, with the same message:

"the market you have requested is no longer available online"

heppened on the website and on android mobile app

happened with zoom,twitter,alphabet,amazon,apple

the system only accepted limit orders to sell, but even those failed to trigger (may be no buyers !?) 

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