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Why does the "Order Cancelled - Whole order or its remaining part is cancelled." message appear?



Morning all. Anyone know why it is not possible to place a "Limit" buy order on shares?

I am trying to place a Limit order on a London stock, and the error below appears

"Order Cancelled - Whole order or its remaining part is cancelled." 

Tried with an expiry of "Day" or "Good till Cancelled", same result.

Some screenshots attached, any tips would be helpful.Screenshot_98.png.54d895e5c01e1bc9dabc81f9c0a26e91.png

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I hit the same problem today.  I had to contact Customer Support via their chat service.  The problem was that I set a limit price of 826.6 -- which is NOT a multiple of 0.50 GBX (penny sterling).  When I changed the limit price to 826.50, the instruction went through without problem.  In my humble opinion, they should have implemented the system in a way that give a more meaningfully error message, such as "Limit price must be in a multiple of 0.50 GBX"

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