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  1. Hi I now know how to explain my second question. The price was quoted in GBp (not to be confused with GBP), which is pence (see Wiki entry on GBp). The dividend numbers were quoted in Pound, I believe. In this case, indeed the yields (with four dividend rounds) add up to about 6%
  2. In IG, is there a way that I can obtain historical dividend data for a certain stock/ETF? I have been researching on iShares UK Dividend UCITS ETF GBP (Dist) (IUKD.L) I could not find the info on IG but I could find it on Yahoo! Finance, which is here Speaking of that, I have some confusion with the numbers. I am a newbie and hope you don't mind me asking this question (on data presented on Yahoo! Finance) here. On that page, there seems to be four round of dividends in 2019. But the numbers seems to be too small. I think the yield for this ETF is 6%, so approximately the dividends should be around £48 in last year.
  3. Is there a way that I can link up my own IG account with my wife's IG ISA account so that I do not have to log in twice to manage both accounts?
  4. @CharlotteIG Thanks! I just created a Demo account. In which I could only find accounts for "CFD Trading" and "Spread Betting". I also just downloaded the mobile app and logged into my account and saw the same. Do you mean that (only) after I open an "Share Dealing ISA" account I will be able to see it in the mobile app? (as well as the web platform) It would be nice if the demo account includes also that so that there will be less confusion.
  5. @dmedin -- What is the name of the mobile app for the "Share Dealing" service? On Apple Store I could see only "IG: Spread Bets & CFD" (and "IG Academy"). Also, what I am actually interested in is an "Share Dealing ISA" account. Can I use an mobile app for that account? Thanks!
  6. Hi I am not interested in derivatives. I plan to only buy and hold stocks or ETFs in an UK Share Dealing ISA account. My research brought me to IG. I like the idea of having a mobile app for my investment account. I noticed that the app from IG is called "IG: Spread Bets & CFD". The name seems to suggest that the app is for derivative trading. Is IG (and the app) for someone like me? My other option is Interactive Investor (also in UK). Which also offer a mobile app. Would II be more suitable for someone for me?