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Using Watchlist to Display open positions




I trade a number of systems across several markets.

I've created a workspace for each Market, and I've created a watchlist for each System. I want to add my open orders to the relevant watchlist. This is so that I can check and edit all open trades by system. Primarily I do this to adjust stops on open positions.

For example, I have an open position with a US Stock XYZ, and I add that to the watchlist  for System One.  This is easy to do (right click, add to watch list)

However, even though I have an open position in that stock, the watch list does not show XYZ as an open position, it just shows the basic ticker data (Open, Close, High Low etc)

What I really want is the same display/capability that is shown in the Positions (and Working Orders) view, but only showing those orders that I've added to that system watch list so that I can manage open positions and working orders on a per market/system basis.

Is this possible?


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